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Effects of the Bitcoin halving are already apparent, and that's huge for BTC's bull case
Just over two weeks ago, Bitcoin experienced its third block reward reduction.
Coinbase Now Supports Tezos Staking Rewards for UK and Some EU Users
Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is rolling out Tezos staking rewards for users in the United Kingdom and three European countries.
Bitcoin 896-Day 'Accumulation' Will Now Spark $100K Bull Run
Bitcoin has spent almost 900 days correcting from its $20,000 all-time highs - but its trip to $100,000 is about to start.
Canadian University Adds Two Blockchain Programs to Meet Job Demands
Canada-based York University will start two new blockchain education programs in September 2020 in order to meet rising demand for professionals in the field.
Messari: XRP Inflation Rate Five Times Higher Than Bitcoin's
According to data research firm Messari, Ripple's selloff causes inflation to hit 20% - five times that of Bitcoin, inflicting downward price pressure.
Cardano continues showing signs of strength as development activity booms
Cardano has been caught within an intense uptrend in recent times, which has allowed it to firmly outperform both Bitcoin and most of its other peers.
Bitcoin Shrugs Off Goldman Sachs' Criticism With Price Spike
Crypto traders aren't taking advice from Goldman Sachs - with Bitcoin up by more than 8% since the investment bank slammed BTC in an investors call.
Reddit's Fortnite gamers are bigger crypto adopters than r/Cryptocurrency
Reddit's true crypto adopters may not be subscribed to its crypto-focused subreddit.
CoinMarketCap Unveils Further Changes to Ranking System
Leading crypto data aggregator CoinMarketCap has introduced new metrics ranking exchanges and market pairings based on a number of factors that are intended to reduce the impact of fake volume on the platform's data.
Devcon 6: 2020 is a Write-Off, Let's Try 2021 in Columbia
The Ethereum Foundation has postponed Devcon VI until 2021 and will host it in Bogota, Colombia.
Bitcoin Price Rallies to $9.6K as Record CME BTC Contracts Expiry Looms
Bitcoin price continues to inch closer to $10,000, rallying 5.68% to reach $9,600 on May 28.
Bitpay Shuns Lightning and Liquid, Says Actual Bitcoin Payments Still Dominate
Pioneering crypto payments service Bitpay has revealed that Bitcoin still overwhelmingly dominates payments and that it has no plans to use second layer solutions like the Lightning or Liquid networks.
MIT Group Funding Shows Growing Crypto Trading Interest
An MIT startup focused on providing institutions better access to crypto trading technologies, recently secured millions in funding.
Ethereum stands to benefit greatly from DeFi "eating" traditional finance: analysts
There are many hacks of DeFi applications, like when a hacker recently drained $25 million worth of Ethereum and other crypto assets from a decentralized lending platform called dForce.
Analyst Who Helped Topple Crypto Child Exploitation Site Honored
Kim Reece is now a finalist for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal.
Bitcoin Will Replace Gold, Crypto Data Analytics Company CEO Says
As the world turns more digital, crypto's pioneer asset Bitcoin could take on gold's store of value role, according to the CEO and co-founder of Digital Assets Data, an analytics firm.
Chinese Citizens Are Now Able to Inherit Cryptocurrency
China's new civil code will include cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin to be part of the legal inheritance.
Bitcoin Volatility Expected as $328M in BTC Derivatives Expire Friday
CME Bitcoin futures and options markets are set to mature this Friday and traders are closely watching to see how spot prices will react to this event.
Twitter Evidence May Prove Hal Finney Is Not Satoshi
Evidence from 10 years old tweets helps eliminate Hal Finney as a viable Satoshi Nakamoto candidate.
Tether Explains Why It Hasn't Burned Any USDT
Tether CTO cites the popularity of its ERC20 tokens as the reason why the company never burns them, but stores them in their 'inventory'.
Will Trump's Social Media Executive Order Help Against Crypto YouTube Bans?
Those in the know expect President Trump to sign a fresh executive order today, imposing greater accountability on social media providers.
Move over BTC futures, the world's accredited millionaires can now profit by mining Bitcoin
Bitcoin mining, long known as an obscure activity limited to cyberpunks and dominated by Chinese brands, can now be an alternative investment option for accredited investors looking to take a BTC bet.
Torus Launches Key Management System to Streamline DeFi
Crypto key management platform, Torus, has launched its non-custodial key management solution DirectAuth - enabling streamlined log-in experiences for web3 applications.
A New Ransomware Deploys Human-Operated Attacks Against Healthcare Sector
Microsoft's security team revealed a new ransomware that is deployed in human-operated attacks.
Telegram CEO Donates 10 BTC to Charity Project in Russia
Pavel Durov, founder and CEO of popular messaging app Telegram, has purportedly resumed his charity activity soon after terminating Telegram's blockchain project.
SEC Comm: A Bitcoin ETF Could Help Fairly Price Grayscale's GBTC
The SEC commissioner Hester Peirce believes that a Bitcoin ETF could help price more fairly Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust.
Colombia Is The Ransomware Capital Of Latin America
A study unveiled on May 28 by the National Police of Colombia shows that ransomware attacks are a rising trend across the country.
Electroneum to Launch Electricity Top-Ups Across Africa
The blockchain-based digital payment project, Electroneum, will be launching an in-app electricity top-up feature across four African countries - Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and The Gambia.
One of Bitcoin's earliest developers suggests crypto trading is all speculation and no tech
The volatility of cryptocurrency markets is well-documented and definitely not for the faint-hearted - 100x leverage, double-digit percentage drops in a single trading session, and small-cap altcoins "Mooning" hundreds of dollars under an hour lead many to the crypto market under the guise of an early-adopter.
How Blockchain Tech Is Revolutionizing Traditional Lotteries
One niche area that could be poised to benefit greatly from it is lotteries.