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How the New Long-Term Stock Exchange Can Help the Crypto Industry
Long-Term Stock Exchange, which recently got approval from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to launch a new stock exchange, could soon make it possible for companies to also raise funds through traditional means.
Data shows mainstream interest in Bitcoin is surging
We explore all the ways crypto has entered the mainstream and what does this mean for the industry.
About That Orange B... The History of Bitcoin's Logos
In creating a symbol that resembled those of other currencies, bitcoin was visually introduced to newcomers as money.
New Ethereum-based digital collectibles market Meme Factory goes live
A new Ethereum-based digital collectibles market called Meme Factory went live this week.
Will privacy coins beat Bitcoin? Analysis of Monero, Zcash, Verge, Komodo, and Grin
Relative to BTC, will privacy coins fare any better? Using two indicators-support resistance levels and moving averages-it is possible to assess the outlook for Monero, Zcash, Verge, Komodo, and Grin.Indicators.
Goxtrade Advertises Unaffiliated Staff and Misleading Contact Information
Purported bitcoin exchange Goxtrade has been accused of being a scam, technology news publication TechCrunch reported on May 17.Chief among the report's revelations is that Goxtrade takes photos of unaffiliated people from social media sites and compiles them to make its online staff gallery.
Roger Ver strikes back at Craig Wright for libel suit
The increasingly litigious Craig Wright sued Bitcoin Cash figurehead, and former business partner, Roger Ver for libel after being called a "Fraud and a liar." Ver responded to the lawsuit by seemingly debunking Wright's claim that he controlled several high-profile Bitcoin addresses, which would have suggested that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.
Bloq Labs' Titan Aims to Simplify Crypto Farming
Titan, a new product from Bloq Labs, aims to make it easier to set up and run new blockchain miners in global farms.
Facebook Registers Secretive 'Libra' Cryptocurrency Firm in Switzerland
According to a Reuters report, Facebook registered a new company, Libra Networks, in Geneva on May 2.
European Central Bank: Crypto Does Not Have Tangible Impact on Real Economy
The European Central Bank stated that cryptocurrencies do not have implications on monetary policy or factor into the real economy in a May report.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Binance Coin, Stellar, Cardano, TRON: Price Analysis May 17
We will wait for the price to find support and indicate a resumption of the uptrend before suggesting a long position once again.
Cryptocurrency Project OneCoin Denies Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme Claims
Cryptocurrency project OneCoin is denying claims that it is a "Hybrid ponzi-pyramid scheme" and scam, news outlet Samoa Observer reported on May 14.OneCoin is purportedly a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme project, that raised hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide by luring investors with the promise of big returns and minimal risk.
Russian Sberbank Demands Client Provide Data on Cryptocurrency Revenue
Russia's largest bank Sberbank has requested that a client provide information on their income from cryptocurrency, the Russian version of Forbes reported on May 17.Co-founder of cryptocurrency trading platform Toxenbox.io, Vladimir Smerkis, told Forbes that the unnamed client received a letter from Sberbank requiring disclosure of their crypto revenue.
Coinbase Earn Now Available to the Public in Over 100 Countries
Major crypto platform Coinbase has opened its Coinbase Earn program to the public in over 100 countries, according to a press release on May 17.As Cointelegraph reported, Coinbase first announced the program at the end of 2018 as an invite-only initiative.
Bitfinex Will List Its New Exchange Token Starting Monday
Crypto exchange Bitfinex will list its new exchange token, LEO, on Monday after purportedly raising $1 billion from the initial offering.
SEC Uncertainty Looms Over Token Summit
In a widely circulated story, the Waterloo, Ontario, company had promised legal action against an expected regulatory action, but the odds that Kik will pursue that seem to be diminishing, even if the company's legal expenses are not.
Venezuela and Russia Discuss Mutual Trades in Petro and Russian Ruble: Report
Venezuela is considering to close mutual trade settlements with Russia using the ruble, Russian government-backed TV channel RT reports on May 17.
ABB Launches Blockchain Pilot for Solar Energy Sector
International electrical engineering company ABB has rolled out a blockchain pilot to explore how the technology could promote the role of solar energy in peer-to-peer energy trading, technology-focused media outlet PV Tech reported on May 16.
Bitfinex Crypto Exchange to Debut New Exchange Utility Token
Major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has unveiled its exchange utility token UNUS SED LEO, in a press release on May 17.
Facebook Registers New Fintech Firm in Switzerland
Social media giant Facebook has apparently formed a new financial tech firm, Libra Networks LLC, according to a filing on the Geneva Commercial Register.
Louis Vuitton's conglomerate bringing Ethereum-based blockchain technology to luxury fashion
ConsenSys entered into a partnership with LVMH and Microsoft to launch a new blockchain platform tailored for the luxury industry.
Bahamas Securities Regulator Proposes Rules for Token Sales
The Bahamas' securities regulator is pushing for a new framework for token projects, aiming to turn the island nation into the jurisdiction of choice for blockchain startups.
Unpatched Ethereum Clients Pose 51% Attack Risk, Says Report
Ethereum clients that still haven't patched known vulnerabilities pose a security risk to the entire network, according to new research.
OneCoin Claims It's Not a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme
The OneCoin cryptocurrency investment project has responded to the suggestion it is a Ponzi or pyramid scheme, arguing it does not fit the narrow definition of either.
Amazon Patent Casts Light on Plans to Create Proof-of-Work Blockchain Analog
Retail behemoth Amazon has received a patent for generating Merkle trees as a solution to the proof-of-work algorithm, a document confirmed on May 14.
Report: Top Banks Alleged to Be Investing $50 Million in Digital Cash Settlement Project
Sources ostensibly familiar with the matter have claimed that some of the world's leading banks are currently investing around $50 million to build a blockchain-powered digital cash system for transaction settlement.
Data: Just 2/3 of ETH Nodes Running Parity Have Been Patched Against Critical Security Flaw
Global hacking research collective SRLabs claims that only two thirds of the Ethereum client software that runs on Ethereum nodes has been patched against a critical security flaw discovered earlier this year.
Coin Metrics Report Highlights Discrepancies in Ripple's Escrow System Reporting
Blockchain analysis company Coin Metrics has found discrepancies in blockchain payments network Ripple's escrow system reporting, according to a May 16 report.
Sports Blockchain Venture Chiliz Announces Strategic Partnership With Binance Chain
Sports blockchain venture Chiliz has announced a strategic partnership with Binance Chain, the mainnet of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance.
What Crypto Exchanges Do to Comply With KYC, AML and CFT Regulations
Exchanges are simply an important component of the system that makes the crypto market tick.