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Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx to Launch Options Trading This Month
Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced that it will launch crypto options trading on Dec. 27.
A renowned technical analyst weights on Bitcoin's path to $100,000
One of the most prominent technical analysts in the crypto community recently laid out his bullish and bearish outlooks for Bitcoin.
No More Bitcoin for Nordea Bank Employees, Experts Question the Motive
An act of paternalism or a case of generic Bitcoin distrust? It is hard to make out the exact reasons for Nordea Bank's ban on its 31,500 employees trading in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies - even on their own time - a prohibition that was upheld on Dec. 2 by a Danish court.
The way forward for DEXs: focusing on unique markets
Which brings us to the performance of specific DEXs, their available markets and liquidity on those markets.
A Bitcoin Wallet Is Orbiting the Earth at 5 Miles Per Second
CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA - At exactly 12:29 EST on Thursday, a crypto wallet built by developers at SpaceChain hurtled into the stratosphere aboard a Falcon 9 rocket.
Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork Get Support From Major Crypto Exchanges
Following the successful Ethereum Istanbul hard fork update, several popular exchanges have announced their official support for the network upgrade.
Understanding the Chilean social crisis and Bitcoin's potential impact on its people [INTERVIEW]
CryptoSlate recently had the opportunity to chat with Claudio Didier, a Chilean protestor and Bitcoin advocate, to understand the impact that cryptocurrencies have had in the nation as the demonstrations continue.
But Bitcoin Can Still Drop to $2.7K While Everyone's Bullish
As the Bitcoin price begins to slowly ascend, the question on everyone's minds is whether the latest bottom is in, or whether there is more pain ahead.In this article, I will aim to provide some insight as to what one can expect based on the information from the charts.
Analyst that called Bitcoin's drop to $3,000 in 2018 says the "bottom could be in"
On Nov 25., the price of Bitcoin fell off a proverbial cliff, tanking from $7,000 to $6,500 in a move that shocked traders the industry over.
Top-5 Cryptos This Week: XTZ, ATOM, XRP, XMR, BNB
Will the price move higher before Christmas? We will have to wait and see.
DISCUSSION: How Can Public Blockchains Have Privacy?
The best Sundays are for long reads and deep conversations.
Bitcoin Halving, Explained
Historically, the price has gone up following a halving, but it ultimately depends on the supply/demand ratio.
Ethereum Price Stable Despite Hard Fork, Altcoins See Small Gains
Sunday, Dec. 8 - most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting discreet gains on the day by press time, as Bitcoin hovers around the $7,550 mark again.
Decentralized Liquidity Is the Backbone of DeFi
Decentralized payments are just one piece of the puzzle of what it really means to be decentralized, as you'll also need the assistance of decentralized liquidity to build and extend additional functional financial layers on top of your blockchain-related protocol/application.
Bitcoin ETF chances jump after SEC green lights futures-based fund; here's why
For years, crypto financial services firms across the U.S. have been trying their hand at issuing publicly-traded Bitcoin funds.
What Happens When Miners Capitulate?
As profitability drops, miners naturally sell their Bitcoin holdings, capitulating as a response to worsening market sentiment.
Ethereum's Istanbul Hard Fork Is Now Live
Ethereum has successfully completed the Istanbul hard fork.
Microsoft Azure Announces Blockchain Token and Data Management Service
Microsoft's blockchain-enabled cloud service Microsoft Azure announced new tokenization and blockchain data management services.
Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin remain stagnant; will will they head next?
After testing the support given by 75 percent Fibonacci retracement level twice between September and October, Ethereum was finally able to break below it to hit a low $133.6 on Nov. 25.
T-Minus 1,000 Blocks Until Ethereum's Istanbul Hard Fork
As of press time, Ethereum has passed block #9068000, putting it within 1000 blocks of the scheduled Istanbul hard fork, which should take place at around 23:30 UTC. The much-anticipated shift to Istanbul will be the Ethereum network's first hard fork since February's Constantinople.
Bitcoin Price Diary: 6 Altcoins That Are Currently Making Me Avoid BTC
Since publishing the last trading journal two weeks ago, I have made a number of altcoin trades but not a single Bitcoin trade other than closing my long from $6,900 in segments between $7,550 and $7,700.
Faster, but Still Not the World Computer
Vitalik Buterin has claimed that Ethereum will support 3,000 transactions per second after the upcoming Istanbul fork.
Why the world's largest crypto exchange is expanding into Turkey
Binance, the world's biggest crypto exchange, is taking steps to expand into Turkey, an up-and-coming cryptocurrency market.
Craig Wright autographs Bitcoin whitepapers at Tsinghua University in China
Craig Wright kicked off the Bitcoin SV road trip at Tsinghua University in China, where he signed a printout of the Bitcoin whitepaper.
Bitcoin Price Must Now Break $8.2K to End 6-Month Losing Streak
The price temporarily found a bottom at $6,500-$6,800.
Italian Copyright Authority and Algorand Develop Blockchain Ecosystem for Copyright Management
The Italian Society of Authors and Publishers has teamed up with Algorand to develop a new ecosystem for copyright management, based on Algorand's recently launched blockchain platform.
SEC Requests UK's Intervention to Force Telegram's Advisor to Testify
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission asked the High Court of England and Wales to force Telegram's former chief investment advisor John Hyman to testify in the case over the firm's Grams tokens offering.
Bitcoin Hovers Under $7,550 as Altcoins See Moderate Gains
Saturday, Dec. 7 - most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting moderate gains on the day by press time, as Bitcoin hovers just under the $7,550 mark again.
EOS-Based Social Media Platform Voice Announces Beta Launch
Voice, the social media platform first unveiled by EOS creator Block.